Thursday, January 6, 2011


I don't have many KidISMS to share today, but I wanted to write them down before I forgot. I love looking back and seeing the silly things my girls have said to me.

CDC told me after I picked her up from school today, that she was going to be a "Cheerleader and a Dr" when she grows up. I believe that suits me fine.

Then this morning while I was trying to get CRC to help me clean up the toys she dragged out, I called "CRC..?" She said "Momma! I not talking to you..." as she kept pushing her babies round and round in their stroller. Lil turkey!!

ETA: Bwahahaha!! Had to add this.
CDC came running in the room saying "I found this hooker in my room!!!" We looked up to see what in the world she was talking about and it was a Christmas tree Ornament Hook. :)

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