Friday, January 21, 2011

Sicky Vicky and Other Random Gripes

My big girl has been coughing for a few weeks now. I thought it was just the weather and would stop soon enough, but it never did, just kept getting worse. She was hacking like a lung was going to be coughed up.. very gross! I finally decided to keep her out of school and take her to the doctor. She has an ear infection in her right ear and a sinus infection. Blah! I feel so bad that I didn't take her in sooner, but honestly she hasn't complained at all and has been super energetic and happy. {Take a look at the picture above. That was this morning!} Her doctor put her on the antibiotic, Omnicef(sp?) and I think she's taking to it well.

In other news, i'm TIRED!! All.the.time!! I have no clue why i'm so tired. I know you're supposed to have MORE energy in the 2nd trimester, but I do not. I'm lazy lately, which I think makes me even more tired. Our house is a disaster at all times. Seriously, i'm soo over cleaning!! These girls have entirely too many toys! I'm about to bag up a bunch of them and take them to the grandparents house. I've already donated 3 garbage sacks and 3 boxes to Goodwill and there is still too much. AHH! It's like a Toy Store right under our nose.

The weather is yucky! I think I have the winter blahs. I've got the big belly plus all the layers of clothes I have to wear to keep warm. I just feel like the Abominable Snowman! I'm ready for spring and summer. I'm such a happy person in the warm weather. I can't imagine living up North. I think i'd go crazy..

Sorry to be a crab. I know a few of you have said to stop feeling sorry for myself, but I really don't. lol! I'm just grumpy! I don't like being pregnant. It's such a blessing and I can't wait to hold my sweet baby, but I hate hate the pregnancy part. It never agrees with me.

For now, i'm going to bag up toys and perhaps start painting the Nursery to change my mood..


  1. I feel your pain (30 weeks pregnant with 3rd). :) Try and get some rest.

  2. Well looking at your last post you are NOT the abominable snowman by any means! Try and rest and forget about the mess ;)

  3. You dont look like the abominable snowman!! You look cute!! but I know how you feel, Im not even pregnant and I feel that way!! and whoever said stop feeling sorry for youreself is just rude in my opinion!! You can always vent on your own blog!!! =)