Thursday, January 13, 2011

Trip to Labor & Delivery Today

Not a planned trip, I may add.

I woke up fine just like every other normal morning. But things changed around 9am. I got home from taking CDCto school and decided to cook pancakes for CRC I took hers upstairs to her and came back to finish cooking the batter. I knew I was hungry so I took a couple of bites of one I had finished. A few seconds later I started feeling nauseous, so I made a glass of Sprite. As soon as I took a drink of the Sprite, the room started to spin and I couldn't open my eyes. I laid over the sink so that I wouldn't fall to the floor. I couldn't speak or open my eyes for what seemed like forever. Finally I did get them open and saw tons of black squiggly lines and spots. Then I broke out in a sweat all down my chest and hands and started vomiting in the sink. {Gross, I know}

I just sat there for a few minutes because I still felt so nauseous. Then I coudlnt' regulate my body temp. I went from hot to cold for about 5 minutes. Then I got ahold of myself and called the nurse line. They said go to L&D asap. So my mom came and picked me up and took me to the hospital. Once I was there , they didn't do much at all. Took my blood to check Electrolytes and CBC, then did an EKG to check my heart. All of that was normal, but my Blood Pressure was only 106/54!! Yeesh. That's the lowest it has ever been, I believe. They told me other than that, everything looked fine. Oh and by everything, I don't mean the baby because they didn't even check him/her. Just got the heart rate, which was 155 and said "it was fine." No u/s, no exam of the cervix etc.. So they sent me home..

They told me to eat many small meals throughout the day and not to stand up too quickly. I ate as soon as I left and felt a little better. Not nearly as nauseous. So i'm guessing it was just low blood pressure and blood sugar. It really blew my mind they didn't check my blood sugar since I told them Diabetes runs in my family. Oh well.. apparently i'm doing well. Just hope it doesn't happen again because it really scared me!

Anatomy scan tomorrow! I'll try to muster up a picture in a little bit for my 21 week post..


  1. Glad to hear that you are feeling better. Hopefully you'll be okay now! Take care!

  2. Oh wow! Glad you are better now! Hope the scan goes well ;)