Monday, January 24, 2011

I'm Still a Crab

I've been on a mini blogging break to spare the crabbiness.

I had a terribly long, hard weekend at work. Two 9 hour nights on my feet the entire time and didn't make much at all. Boo! It was the busiest weekend we've ever had. Saturday night between the restaurant and bar we sold about 15,000$. That's unheard of in that small family business. I'm still sore from standing for so long. My big 'ol belly is putting a ton of pressure on my who ha and legs! I dropped CDC off at school this morning, came home and CRC  and I went back to sleep around 9 and slept til 11! I couldn't hold my eyes open, for some reason. I will be done working weekends in two weeks though. So yay for that! I personally hired a new girl to fill my spot until I go back in July.

On another bad note, I owe about 3K in Dr. bills from this pregnancy. Ouch!!! Medicaid is still being a PITA to deal with! They've denied me 3 times. I just went today to reapply. I never thought i'd be in this situation. I always had great insurance and never thought twice about Medicaid. It's been very humbling to say the least.

CDC is still coughing her poor little head off. The antibiotics haven't kicked in just yet. I think CRC may have a slight ear infection as well. She's been a crab right along with her momma. She hasn't complained at all, but neither did CDC, so i'm just going to have to watch her.

I am though trying to be more comfortable with my burgeoning belly. I compared pictures to me pregnant with CRC and although my belly is almost 2x the size, my bum, arms , and face aren't quite as large. So that's a positive for me!!

I've also been trying my best to eat healthier. It's been going well too! But my tummy seems to act up more when I eat! Strange.. Everything makes me gag with this pregnancy. Especially water! Makes difficult for eating healthy. Tonight we're having Sauteed Pork Chops with Mushrooms, Onions, and Bell Peppers, Sweet Potatoes, Pinto Beans, and Steamed Veggies. Yum! And for dessert, i'm having a fresh fruit smoothie. Baby girl is kicking away as I cook/type. Ha! Yes i'm a multi tasker.

Girls just ran downstairs hollering "HUNGRY!!!" So I better get back to the food. =)


  1. I remember hitting that point in my last pregnancy. I was so uncomfortable and cranky! Hang in there!

  2. Keep perserving with Medicaid. They may deny you, but that's normal. If you make too much money to qualify for that, there are other options. You can e-mail me for more info on it if you want because it's too much to type