Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Potty Training Update

So, it's been 6 days since I started vigorously training CRC and she is already almost 100% using the potty!!

I guess I should go apologize to her for saying she was going to prove more difficult than CDC. She has been SO easy! Last week, i let her run around the house all day in her panties and kept asking her if she needed to go. I bet I asked her 20x/day. But she got the hang of it and realized she got 2 M&M's every time she successfully used the potty. {We started with money in the Piggy Bank, but M's seemed to work better for her}

I do still put a diaper on her at bed time. During her naps, she stays dry, but at bed time 8:30pm-7am, she probably wets her diaper once. Not bad!!

This morning, she hollered down stairs to me "Mommy!!! Come here, hurry!!! I pee pee in Froggy Potty!!" I ran up there and sure enough, she had taken her pants and panties off and gone in the potty all by herself. Then about ten minutes later, she went poo poo in potty all by herself. She hasn't had any accidents in several days.

Go CRC!! Do your thing girl. You smart little cookie!!! I'm so proud of you! :)


  1. Love your blog...I have followed your blogs for a while but not sure if I have ever commented! HA! I'm hoping our potty training adventure goes as well as yours has! My little girl will turn 2 next month and we have one more on the way, due in August. I don't want two in diapers! Gonna start potty training boot camp very soon!

  2. That is awesome! I think the M's will be just the trick for Mariele too. She has recently discovered M & Ms and she is in love! I have not officially started yet. She is showing some beginning interest, though. Yay Carrah! That is really awesome!

  3. Yay for Carrah!! I told ya the M & M's were a great trick!!