Monday, January 31, 2011

JClaire's Nursery Part 1

{JClaire's Nursery}

We finally started working on the nursery Saturday. Then almost got it finished up on Sunday. It is the same room that both CDC and CRC's nursery was in, so it has been painted a few times {wink} That's ok. Everyone said "Oh great! You already havce a girl's nursery and all of the stuff" But of course, I wanted something different!

I've had my heart set on Owls, as you may remember. I thought this baby was going to be a boy with my whole heart, so I had been looking at boy stuff for quite some time. When I found out she was a Girl, I became both excited because I could look at PINK again, and set back because I found so many great Owl things that I loved. I soon realized I could still have my Owl stuff in girly colors!!

I found a great bedding set at Pottery Barn Kids called "Brooke" Collection. I got it at a great price on eBay. Then I found these ADORABLE wall decals at Target from the "Love Nature" Collection. They were so easy to peel and stick on the wall and definitely make a cute statement.
The Owl picture above is on canvas. I also found it at Target. My grandma is painting two smaller coordinating ones to go with it because they only had the one large one. The bedding is mostly green and blue, but the Target collection stuff had so much pink in it we thought a pink wall would look great as an accent. I totally LOVE this nursery!! I know it's Whimsy and Cutesy, but I adore it. Believe it or not, it is the most girly nursery we've ever had in or house! Both the other girls nurseries were all green! {w/ accent colors of brown and white} You can see CRC's here.


  1. I just had to stop bye from google reader and say HOW ADORABLE this nursery is! You did a wonderful job, its beautiful!

  2. OMG! Love the nursery! You're way ahead of me...I'm due in 4 weeks and don't even have sheets on the crib! I guess I better get off my butt!!

  3. SO cute!!!! You did a great job! Love the owls! :)

  4. Love it!!!! I have those same owls in my baby's nursery too and love them. So cute!!

  5. Super cute! Good job Kaycee!

  6. Very cute :)
    Keeping with your owls theme, I saw this yesterday (this isn't my blog by the way) and thought of you (wierd hey, but I do read your blog and have been anonymously for a while)! Check it out:


  7. I love this! What color paint did you use for the green portion of the wall?