Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hogs to the Sugar Bowl + 20 Weeks

Tonight is the BIG Game!! Arkansas Razorbacks will take on the Ohio State Buckeyes in the Sugar Bowl in New Orleans, Louisiana!
{Heard this joke today.. How do you make Buckeye Cookies? Put them in a SugarBowl and beat them w/ a Mallet!! Ha! Our Quarterback's name is Ryan Mallet}
We've never been to this bowl, so it's a big deal around here. The news coverage is 24-7 from the NOLA. I'm excited, but i'm also ready for it to be over with {shh! don't tell anyone from here or i'll be scalped} Guess who has to work on the night of the BIG Game? Yep, that'd be me!! Blah.. I know it's going to be so busy. Football fans are big time drinkers and messy!!

I will be 20 weeks pregnant on Thursday! Yay for half way!! I went ahead and took pictures today because I have on my Razorbacks shirt. WOO PIG SOOOOIEEEEE!!!! :)


  1. you are SUPER cute!!!! i love your hair girly!! yay for almost making it half way! :)

  2. haha my husband has the game on and ive been thinking about you saying that the ENTIRE game!!! =)