Sunday, January 30, 2011

Pete and Re{Pete}

CDC is the girliest little girl i've ever seen. She doesn't like to get dirty or touch "yucky" stuff. She's not a fan of playing ball or many other sports instead loves to dance and play dress up. 
CRC is a tough little cookie. She's not much for being proper. She's destructive. You can usually find her climbing something or knocking something down.
Complete opposites!
However, they love to play together and very often like to do and play with the same things. So I found this picture quite funny.
CDC was sitting on the stairs like a little lady with her legs crossed. CRC looked over at her and noticed her legs and tried to do it herself. Her chunker little thighs {like her mommys} made it difficult to get them crossed and keep them that way. So I helped out. At first CDC was mad that CRC wanted to sit like her, but then she thought it was funny because CRC couldn't keep the pose going! Ha!

1 comment:

  1. your girls are so precious!!
    makes me want a sister for my baby girl.
    hope you are having a great weekend!