Sunday, January 9, 2011

Let it SNOW - Day 1

SNOW DAY 2011!!

We are SOO beyond excited today!! The girls woke up just after my last blog entry, just in time to beat the darkness. They ran upstairs to get in their "snow gear"{ha! we have nothing even close to snow gear so we have to make do}

We only stayed outside about 20 minutes because it was frigid for these parts! Our hands were freezing so we knew theirs must be, even though they'd never admit to it. All of our gloves are cotton material. We don't get enough snow to buy thick, snow proof gloves. Although, I was wishing we had some today!

 This was taken right after she pelted her daddy with a Snow Ball! Ha! Go girl =)

CRC running up the hill so we wouldn't catch her.

My unsuccessful attempt at a picture of both of them.. never fails!

She said "Look at my shiny nose" ha!

Little miss was all over the place! She's never gotten to play in this much snow.

She finally looked right as we were coaxing her into the house. Her face is like "Ooo"

We took these tonight as the snow was still lightly falling..

The most snow we've had in years!

The same spot I took the picture earlier with my coffee cup..

Measured 5" on the back porch. Probably around 7" in the yard.

Snowman tomorrow!!! No school and no work for daddy..

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  1. Wow that's a lot of snow! More than we've had here in PA this year!